Lest we forget.

It is an epitaph used often to remember those who have fallen in combat and today at 11am we will remember.

It was dubbed “the War to end all Wars” due to the horrific death toll of more than 16 million people, and on November 11, at 11am hour of the 11th day of the 11th month silence to remember those who didn’t return from the war in 1918 when the guns in Europe were silenced marking the end of the war.

While Armistice day and World War I take lower precedence in New Zealand to Anzac Day in the national consciousness, in Alexandra the day will be marked today scaled back form.

Alexandra-Clyde Returned Services Association president Paul Galloway said restrictions around Covid-19 meant the planned commemoration around the 103rd anniversary of the end of hostilities were scaled back this year.

“Our limitation is crowds with Covid-19.”

That meant instead of the remembrance service that would have been held this Sunday, commemorations would be restricted to the firing of three blanks from a QF 25-pounder field gun to be set up at Pioneer Park near the Shannon St entrance.

The firing of the gun would be followed by a rendition of The Last Post and a recital of The Ode, Mr Galloway said.