Ceramic sculptural pieces, paintings and paper clay works are to converge in a state of flow later this month.

Wanaka artists Diana Adams and Tina Ball are holding a joint exhibition State” studio and gallery space.

A flow state is described as a state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity, completely involved and focused as being “in the zone”.

It is said to induce a release of chemicals in the brain that produce pleasure, enhance performance and create momentum.

A wide range of works will be exhibited including Ball’s ceramic sculptural pieces and Adams’ paintings and paper clay works.

Like many Wanaka locals, the women share a passion for nature and the hills and regularly go on outdoor adventures with friends.

That exploring serves as an inspiration for their works, many ideas and concepts discussed during these adventures.

Adams is a well-known New Zealand artist who moved from Banks Peninsula to Wanaka five years ago.

She paints New Zealand landscapes in a pared-down form, enabling her to capture the essence of the land.

In this exhibition she is also showcasing a new series of works inspired by the Clutha River/Mata-au shown from a bird’s-eye view.

This marks a direction for Adams; alongside the paintings she is exhibiting a new selection of paper clay sculpture dogs.

They are of different breeds and sizes inspired by all the dogs of Wanaka.

Ball moved to Wanaka from Tasmania in 2016. Her work is informed by her life drawing and comprises ceramic faces, heads and figures that are largely realistic, yet not conforming to a particular people.

“Warriors not worriers” is a central theme, promoting strength and protection to live a life gracefully. Both women felt their works complemented each other as they were inspired by the colours and textures of the earth.

Adams’ new works show the flow of the river and Ball’s sculptures appear to have the glaze flowing over them.

The exhibition opening is tomorrow night from 6pm-8pm at Diana Adams Studio, 695a Aubrey Rd. The exhibition continues from October 23 to 27, from 10am to 2pm.