A science unit on insulation turned into an act of generosity for pupils at Clyde Primary School.

A group of year 5 pupils have crocheted merino beanies for newborn babies at Queen Mary Hospital in Dunedin.

Clyde Primary School year 4 and 5 teacher Alistair Banks said the idea came about after seeing a post on Facebook about a shortage of beanies for the babies, and it fitted in well as a practical application for the lesson.

Touch Yarns in Clyde supplied merino wool for the beanies and the pupils – and Mr Banks – set about learning to crochet.

Nine-year-old Elsie Anderson took on the task of teaching the class crochet skills with help from teacher aide Marlen Dixon.

“In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming with the whole class, but I liked it with a group and I learnt quite a lot too,” Elsie said.

Pupils worked throughout the year perfecting their skills and creating the beanies. Once finished, the beanies were capped off with a photo of its maker and a note for the baby’s mother. They were delivered to the hospital last week.