It is mission accomplished for Lochie Win (7) who set himself a goal Society of New Zealand. His inspiration was his mum, Rebecca, who is now in remission from a rare form of the disease. His dad, Luke, reports.

Well, the weekend arrived and so did the bad weather, so much so only three ski fields were open in New Zealand, and they were all in the North Island.

Both Lochie and I had a growing fear that Coronet Peak would not open the next day.

After a sleepless night the alarm went off and when we got into the ute we saw the fresh snow on the mountains from overnight.

Talk about a dream come true. Off we went, heading for the “CP”.

It had been many years since I had last skied there, about 25 years to be precise, and I always remember looking at the advanced slopes thinking I could never ski them.

As soon as we arrived, Lochie pointed out the way and said: “Let’s hit these runs first, Dad”.

One thing is for sure. My 7-year-old son sure has pushed me to become a far better skier.

We spent the morning doing some real fast laps and enjoyed the vibe as this was the closing day for the season as we hit our last ski field in Lochie’s challenge.

It sure was a cool feeling to think this was it and we had skied the country and met some of the best people in the world.

Our afternoon was very busy and heaps of fun. Here we were, cutting down the slopes when I saw this familiar face ski past us, skiing backwards I must add.

I called out “G’day Joseph, how you going?”

It was Joseph Mooney, the National MP. Here we were, having a yarn on the slopes, then next minute we hear a voice call out “there’s Lochie and Luke”.

This friendly lady and her son pulled up and said “Hi boys, I’m Gemma and this is Eli. You stayed at our place in the North Island”.

Rewind to our trip to Ohakune where Lochie and I had received a message from a Gemma “someone” who we had never met, and she offered us a place to stay at her family holiday home.

After weeks in the caravan it sure was great to have a few nights with the comforts of home.

The day soon came to an end and we spent some time meeting the crew from the mountain and we couldn’t believe we had actually managed to get this massive challenge ticked off.

Our goal was to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Society and to highlight all the awesome ski fields so others will want to visit them, and to highlight that the Kiwi spirit is alive and well.

When I look back, I think we have achieved that and much more.

One of the biggest things it has done for me is to grow the bond with my awesome little boy to the point I got to see Lochie grow right in front of me. He started to walk taller in his steps and take control of this massive fundraising challenge.

I just love spending time with him his mum and I are so proud of him.

You are probably thinking, “what could these two possibly think of doing next winter to beat this challenge?”

Well, we have come up with a plan and it’s going to be just as big, if not bigger. You will need to keep following Lochie’s social media page for the announcement.

So as we sign off for now, Lochie and I still have a lot of work to get done. We need to start buying the new equipment and get it delivered across New Zealand for the Cancer Society accommodation, so if you know anyone who could help us so we can make our funds go further, please get in touch.

So bye for now, but set yourself an adventure awesome to help others.

Big goal . Lochie Win with parents Luke and Rebecca Win. Lochie (inset) has completed skiing every ski field in NZ this season to raise funds for the Cancer Society. PHOTO: SHANNON THOMSON