Teenaged Wanaka Winter Olympian Campbell Wright has skied his heart out and is now taking a well earned break from the stresses of competition, Covid and jet lag.

Campbell pushed his heart rate into the danger zone in the pursuit race at an International Biathlon Union competition in Italy on Sunday.

A few days earlier, he showed he was off the pace, returning slower ski times in the 10km sprint than he would have liked, Biathlon NZ spokesman John Burridge said.

He pushed his heart-rate up to 200 beats-per-minute on Sunday, then coasted to the end, sparking concern for supporters watching on television at home.

Campbell has now decided to take a holiday, a decision supported by Biathlon NZ, his Italian coach Luca Bormolini and his father Scott Wright.

Mr Wright said in an email provided by Biathlon NZ that it was a “miracle” Campbell did not come last in the pursuit after he attacked a bunch of skiers on a hill and then “blew”.

Mr Wright – who is overseas following his son’s progress – said Campbell was “terribly tired after a very stressful world cup season”.

“At the World Cups he needed to be so focused and he said to me it’s incredibly stressful . . . Plus the year’s pressure to try and achieve Olympic selection [top 15] added more pressure.”

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Campbell tested positive for Covid at the World Junior Championships in the United States.

“He competed with Covid [at the Junior World Championships] but thought it was a simple cold. And because he was Campbell he tried his hardest knowing he was the favourite  . . . He was terribly disappointed.”

After completing 10 days isolation in a hotel room, he found out at the airport his flight reservations to Milan had been cancelled, resulting in a sleepless 27 hours getting new flights sorted.

He arrived at his race jet lagged and had to share a room.

“After speaking with him just now, his season is over. He’s officially on holiday. He’s going to travel around Europe with a few biathlon friends and attend the Estonian XC ski champs I think and just be a 19-year-old. This is his career now and he knows he needs to take breaks,” Mr Wright said.