Game on . . . A 'fun day' softball event will take place in Wanaka later this month in the hope of introducing more people to the sport. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

A “Sunday Fun-day” softball event will take place later this month, in the hope it attracts more people to give the sport a go.

Upper Clutha Softball president Paula Haig welcomes people of all ages to join in the event, taking place at Kelly’s Flat, Aubrey Rd, on October 20.

Juniors will play from 11am and seniors at 12.30pm.

“We are still trying to get going and pull in as many people as we can.”

Miss Haig has spent the past couple of seasons trying the boost the sport’s profile within the district.

“The reason I wanted to get it started in Wanaka is because it’s a sport I grew up playing and loving.”

She said softball was a way of life for her while growing up in Alexandra, but she realised after moving to Wanaka the sport’s popularity was not the same there.

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