Tube park going down a treat with visitors


Naseby has been celebrating 25 years of the Maniototo Ice Rink this year but the dream has not stopped there and the latest addition is atube park.
No natural snow has fallen on the ice rink’s snow park this year but that has not stopped Maniototo Ice Rink chairman Jock Scott and the team from creating another ice activity in the town.
Mr Scott said the tube park was a 180m track. They had formed a base with the snow maker that had been given to the rink by the Maniototo Lions Club.
‘‘This year has really been a trial season to get it ready for a full season next year. There will be some improvements over the summer.’’
The new tube park was part of the end goal of the Naseby Ice and Venture Park, which had been created by members of the various ice attractions in Naseby.
Mr Scott said children and adults could bring along their own type of sled or something else to slide on, and play around the tube park.
‘‘It will certainly diversify what’s already here.’’
London visitors Yasmin and Danyal Sheikh have been on holiday in the town with their mother Katherine Skinner.
The trio have tested out the tube park and have high recommendations for Naseby visitors.
Danyal said when he first went down he was scared about how he would control it, but after the first time he could not get enough.
Yasmin said there was nothing like the tube park in London and she found it very exciting.
The tube park had been trialled for the past three weeks and Mr Scott hoped it would remain open until at least next weekend.latest Runninggirls youth nike high tops shoes Light Smoke Grey