IceInline was alive with sequins and smooth moves on Sunday.

from Alexandra, Dunedin, Gore, Queenstown and Auckland took to the ice for the Alexandra Ice Skating Club Championships on Sunday.

Competitors ranged in age, experience and skill, but the one thing they had in common was a passion for the ice.

Alexandra Ice Skating Club president Melissa Booth said the calibre of competition was “really good”, especially considering the short season local skaters experience.

The outdoor rink meant the Alexandra skating season was only three months long compared with indoors in which skaters were still competing in November, she said.

“The kids do really well to get to that level in such a short time.”

Most of them live, breathe and sleep skating for three months.”

For many competitors from outside of Central Otago Sunday was their first time competing on an outdoor rink

“It was a bit of a shock to their systems to come to the rink in minus 5 degrees in the morning people,” she said.

The Alexandra championships are midway though the competitive season on the ice and competitors will head to the Otago-Southland Championships later this month, followed by the South Island Championships in August.