Wanaka scooter enthusiast Paul van Klink has been organising a big day out for fans of little bikes for 10 years.

He will celebrate that milestone on Saturday with about 70 southern scooter and 50cc motorbike fans on the annual Klinky’s Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter.

This year, Mr van Klink would be tootling about on a Yamaha RD50, which he found in multiple parts on the internet and finished restoring last month.

He is keeping quiet about the rally route, which would be announced on the day, but was expecting the biggest rally yet, though it is limited to 100, he said.

Mr van Klink is a wildlife and native bird expert and was living on the West Coast when he was introduced to scooters by his brother Steve at a Lake Kaniere rally.

‘‘That got me started . . . Networking with like-minded scooter people is my new passion, I guess.

‘‘It is funny because it is so polarising to what else I do . . . You know, one of them is into nature and the bush and environment and stuff and the other is into the smokey twostroke motorbike.

‘‘The thing I like about small bikes is it takes quite a long time to get around the journey. It is not just about the speed, going as fast as you can, being there in five minutes.

‘‘Some bikes are quite old. Some are 1950s or 60s. They’ve always got a story to tell.’’

The rally is only open to 50cc scooters, motorbikes or mopeds.

‘‘I am a bit of a stickler for the rules. The problem is that if you allow one 125, suddenly you have another 125 and you change what the whole scooter rally is about.’’

This year funds raised by the not-for-profit rally will go to Friends of Bullock Creek.

There is also a trophy, named after a founding rally goer, the late Alan Budge of Balclutha.

The rally will gather at the Wanaka lakefront at 10am on Saturday.