Solution sought for pool’s roof




Oturehua’s swimming season could be extended by about three months once the roof to the town’s community pool is repaired.
The key was to source the funding and a material to ensure the repair job could be retained long-term, Oturehua resident Bill May said.
Once the roof was repaired, it had the potential to extend the swimming season by about three months, he said.

Mr May is on a newly formed committee designed to get the roof of the township’s indoor pool repaired after it was damaged late last year by strong winds.
It was last repaired several years ago, after a big snowfall caused the soft plastic which formed the roof of the pool to stretch.
The Oturehua Winter Sports Committee paid for the last repair job, but could not do that this time round, Mr May said.
‘‘So our next step really is putting a whole new structure on
— something more substantial.’’

Exactly what that could be would be determined by costs.
Three options were likely to be considered before a decision was made, Mr May said. However, one option he wanted investigated was the use stronger material to make it a ‘‘solid structure’’. The committee was now in the process of sourcing outside funding to help cover the costs. The facility, which was formerly the Oturehua School pool, was retained by the community after the school closed in 1997.

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