According to Sam O’Callaghan, nothing compares to the excitement of being at a motocross start gate.

“It’s the adrenaline – everyone loves the adrenaline of sitting on a start gate, loud noise all round ya. It’s what keeps everyone coming back, I think.”

Speaking to The News at the King of Central MX on Sunday, the Central Otago Motorcycle Club president said, while he stopped riding 10 years ago, he had never lost the passion for it.

That was the same for many of the volunteers at the annual motocross event in Cromwell on Sunday, with a core committee of 10 people plus former riders and parents of riders stepping up to help run the event.

“Everyone puts in a big effort track- none of the events, or the tracks being maintained in general would happen without each and every person.

“We have a pretty good facility here – a lot of people really people love to come train here during the week and they know we put a lot of effort in making the track nice for this event.

“It attracts a lot of people to come.”

About 240 riders from throughout the South Island took part in King of Central, competing in different classes from 85cc through to 450cc, as well as 4-11 years mini tracks.

The dry conditions made a good day of racing for riders, Mr O’Callaghan said.