Pair off to Cobra 10’s



Two Clyde Earnscleugh Rugby Club premier players will spend the next three weeks training, learning game plans and adapting to the heat before playing international teams in Malaysia.

Keegan O’Donnell and Matthew Griffiths, both of Clyde, flew to Malaysia on Tuesday as members of the combined New Zealand Cobra 10s team.

Coach Cory Crosbie said as far as he was aware, they were the only two Otago Country players to be selected.

“They knew by the first round [of rugby season] they had been selected, but had to keep it quiet until now,” Crosbie said.

They will play at least six or seven games on November 11 and 12 before returning home on November 13.

The last time a New Zealand team won the Cobra 10s was in 2008.

O’Donnell said they had been training in preparation.

“It is going to be a struggle to cope with the heat,” he said.

Griffiths said he had lived in Australia longer than he had lived in Clyde, so he was used to the heat.

O’Donnell has had a successful season. He was named Central Otago Player of the Year for 2017 and also made the Otago U19 team.

He wanted to thank his sponsor, who helped him get to Dunedin for the U19 games.

Crosbie said the Clyde Earnscleugh club was looking for more recruits for the next season.

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