Last Saturday was the final day of the competition round – or first round.

Finals were played in A grade, C grade and the year 7-8 grades, while the other grades finished off their round-robin games.

The A grade final proved to be the exciting game that a final should be.

Molyneux A led from the outset against Dunstan A to hold an 8-4 advantage at the first break.

Defence players at both ends of the court played a huge part in destroying the advantages of interplay further up court.

Dunstan goal attack Mekah O’Neill and Molyneux goal defence Vanessa Breen worked hard to outwit each other throughout the first half.

Macie McLeod had a strong first half at goal shoot for Dunstan, using her height and holding her space well.

Unfortunately, her team-mates were not able to feed her and much ball was lost.

Molyneux shooters, sisters Charlie and Courtney Cramond, were impressive for Molyneux and were strongly supported and fed by Megan Morrison and Claire Fleming.

The score was a relatively low 13-9 to Molyneux at halftime before it went on to win 30-25.

Dunstan Senior Reserve and Dunstan 10A played the B grade final during the week at the Dunstan gym.

It takes some time to settle to the indoor surface and also to adjust to shooting at indoor goals, but these teams were both determined.

Dunstan Senior Reserve won by two goals, 29-27.

Both of these teams now go to the eight-team A grade for the championship round, which will start this weekend.

A grade has been split into two four-team pools which will cross over after a round-robin to playoffs and finals.

B grade will now have six teams and should generate some great games.

That grade will play a straight round-robin and will not need a final.

It was difficult to gauge who was dominant in the C grade final between Cromwell College Intermediate A and Cromwell Vixens.

It was certainly a game of the defences as the ball see-sawed up and down the court throughout the first half.

Cromwell College’s Trieste Kerr and Simone Wilson took much ball from the Vixens while at the other end Nicole Barnes was tireless for the Vixens.

Cromwell College Intermediate A continued to have a successful season, winning the final 28-21.

These teams will play promotion-relegation games against the lower teams in B grade hoping to secure a place in that grade.

Roxburgh Area School B won the D grade competition round, and that team, along with Cromwell College Intermediate B, will be promoted to C grade for the rest of the season, playing a straight round-robin.

Cromwell College Jnr A had a convincing win against Terrace Green in the year 7-8 final.

The strength of this team has enabled the promotion to the senior competition.

The year 7-8 grades have been altered as well to ensure all teams are challenged, but also have good games.

The year 3-4 programme finishes this weekend with their festival day.

Well done to the coaches and managers of the year 3-4 teams.

It is great to see the progress and enjoyment the players take out of their games in which scores are taken – somehow the girls know who has won though! Don’t we all!

We were treated to a feast of netball last week with the inaugural Cadbury Series, which was a lead-up to the World Cup for the Silver Ferns and the Fiji Pearls.

We saw some amazing skill from the men and they gave the women the opportunity to really stretch themselves to the limit, especially in defence.

The New Zealand Men deservedly won the series and what a spectacle they provided – it was great!

There will be no netball on the weekends of July 13 and July 20 because of school holidays.trace affiliate linkfree shipping nike yeezy warehouse store locations