International travel is on hold and borders are closed prompting a change of plans for Canadian ice-skating coach Alex Cox.

Cox had planned to return to Alexandra in early May to resume her role as an iceskating coach at IceInLine over winter.

However, when Covid-19 forced the closure of New Zealand’s borders and halted international travel, Alex had no choice but to stay put at home in Ottawa, Ontario.

‘‘It’s been pretty tough accepting that I won’t be able to come this season, especially because it’s not something I chose, rather something I am forced to give up.

‘‘But, it’s what’s best for the situation we are all in right now,’’ Alex said.

Her annual trip to New Zealand was something she always looked forward to.

‘‘I wish I was able to be there for you and I miss you all,’’ she said, referring to the children she would have coached.

‘‘I hope you guys will be able to continue to work hard and have fun, as well as help and encourage each other on and off the ice.’’

Although she could not be there with them, she was still keen to support Alexandra’s young ice-skaters by providing advice via email or video calls.

Canada is classified as ‘‘phase 1’’ as it battles to contain Covid-19, which meant it was only in the first phase of recovering from the pandemic.

‘‘This past week some stores were allowed to reopen, but only for kerbside pickup or orders, as well as some of the national parks and trails [which] are reopening soon.’’

Gyms, arenas and community facilities were still closed, she said.

‘‘We are allowed to go outside in your own area for walks, runs [and] bike rides with the people you live with and [must] stay at a distance from other people you pass.’’

Gatherings of five or more people were now prohibited and people could only travel in a vehicle with family members, she said.

Restrictions on what activities Cox could do meant she had kept busy with online classes while she continued her bachelor of law honours studies.

She had also been participating in the National Coaching Certification Programme which provided workshops to all Canadian coaches, no matter their sport.

‘‘I have also been trying to stay as active as I can during this [time] by running, biking, rollerskating and making the most out of the gym equipment I have at home.’’

She welcomes children to share ice-skating photos with her, or to arrange a video call by emailing

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