Grass-kart idea takes root on social media



Support is flowing countrywide for the launch of a new grass-kart club in Central Otago.
Alexandra resident Gareth Currie put the idea of a new club into action at the start of lockdown, and has fielded a large response from people keen to get involved.

He said a “steady stream” of people had supported the idea via the Facebook page Central Otago Grass Kart Club, either wanting to join or to help get it up and running.
There had also been interaction from people outside the district keen to race against some of its new members once it was operational.

“People who have put their hands up around the country, it’s fantastic,” Mr Currie said.
“We’ve got a really good group of people now that are happy to run things.
“The community has been brilliant. We couldn’t ask for a better result.”

The group has yet to have a meeting, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, but hoped one would happen as soon as restrictions allowed, he said.
Their focus now was to find some land to race on.
They hoped farmers and landowners would be willing to assist and urged them to get in contact.

Mr Currie shared his thoughts about the club on social media last month, where he was initially approached by about 40 people keen to support the idea and get involved.
Among them were others who had also planned to get a similar club up and running, so they were now working on the project together, he said.

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