Lochie Win (7), of Pisa Moorings, has set himself a goal to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. His inspiration is his mum, Rebecca, who is now in remission from a rare form of the disease. His dad, Luke, reports.

Well, after a quick stop to get a Fairlie Bakehouse pie or two, we were again on the road, leaving town to head north for Methven.

Our drive out the back of South Canterbury showed both Lochie and me the amount of damage from the recent floods, and it was at this point we realised how our weather in New Zealand can be so giving at times, delivering us snow to play in on the hills, but then, in turn, down in the valleys below it can do so much damage with the rain.

We arrived at Methven and met Steph, who had offered to host us on her property with the caravan.

As soon as we got talking with her it was like catching up with my long lost auntie and once again another friendship made.

We had muma bear Rebecca make a surprise visit by this stage and Lochie was over the moon to be able to share his adventures with his mum.

Like us all, even the older we get, we still know our mums are our biggest fans.

The next day we headed to find JMac at Mt Hutt interesting experience checking out Mt Hutt, as they have just put in a new chairlift, that Lochie and I both agree is something like out of the Jetsons family.

It’s flash it out.

We battled the infamous nor’west wind that day, and it was bad.

We pushed on all day with the lifts going on hold though out the day but it was all worth it just to ride that flash chairlift.

We had heavy rainfall the next few days so had to sit it out.

It was at this point we realised the club fields around Castle Hill would still not be open for us to visit, as more damage had occurred to the roads.

We found out that Porters Alpine Resort was the only one open over that way, so the next day we set off there and what a day it was.

It was like being on the top of the earth looking down, the view back towards Mt Cook was like something from a postcard.

John, who has just this season taken up the role as manager, went above and beyond to make us welcome.

Then we meet the famous Dunney, the ambassador for the region, and what a guy, he’s awesome.

Lochie took a liking to him straight away.

From there we set sail for Hanmer Springs with the plan to return for Castle Hill on the way back. We arrived at Daniel & Jackie’s, who had offered us a room at their place.

This was a bit of a step up from the caravan, and it sure was nice to have more room to move.

We set off the next morning for Mt Lyford Ski Area and talk about amazement to discover New Zealand has its own version of the Swiss alps.

This place is awesome. Hamish meet us when we arrived.

“Far out,” he said “you boys are on the ball, getting here this early.”

We replied, “We’re on a mission. Our mutual mate Bobby Frame from Stroud Homes, and the main man James Stroud are going to donate $100 per lap Lochie ticks off today.”

He replied, “I’ll get my boys to show you around for the day.”

We clocked up 23 laps that day with those Lyford Loonies, as they like to be known.

They had us skiing down areas so steep, that the only reason it had snow on it was because it was frozen to the cliff face.

What a day.

It was great seeing kids being kids, looking out for each other, and being free range across the mountain. Lochie didn’t want to leave.