Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes residents were among some of the country’s most dedicated athletes who put their bodies on the line during last week’s Coast to Coast.

Among them were Wanaka athletes Dougal Allan and Simone Maier who each won the closest-fought men’s and women’s Coast to Coast one-day race in the event’s 37-year history.


Key results:

Men’s longest day:

1. Dougal Allan (Wanaka) 11hr, 15 mins, 0 secs

2. Sam Manson (Christchurch) 11hr, 30 mins, 04secs

3. Alex Hunt (Australia)  11hr, 39mins, 34 secs


Women’s longest day:

1. Simone Maier (Christchurch) 12hr, 56mins, 36 secs

2. Elina Ussher (Nelson) 13hr, 7mins, 10 secs

3. Fiona Dowling (Alexandra) 13hr, 9 mins, 17 secs


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