Calling out to softballers


Wanaka is looking for more people to play softball in both children’s and adult teams.

Wanaka Softball co-president Paula Haig said interest had been growing since she formed the club last year and was keen to increase opportunities for people to play softball in the region.

“We are looking at membership and funding to buy equipment.

“I would like to focus on getting this involved in the schools, and getting a summer sport up and running for the kids in Wanaka.”

The aim would be to incorporate the schools in the area and play against other schools in the wider district.

“Cromwell and Alexandra already have their own league which as adults we are invited to go play in, and I would like to think that instead of travelling every week we could maybe get all these schools together once a month and just have a good old time.”

Team sports in Wanaka during the winter were “fantastic” with sports like netball, rugby and soccer available, but there were fewer team sports in summer.

“We’ve got cricket, which is another great team sport.”

But Wanaka had not had softball, or T-ball for younger players as far as she was aware, Miss Haig said.

The aim was to provide opportunities for school-age children but there were also plans to develop an adult team who would be able to play against the Alexandra adult league.

“We’ve got really keen interest in the adults.”

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