Call for community to help with track


Building a bike park that includes a BMX track, learn-to-ride area, pump track and jumps park has been a big task for the Cromwell Bike Park committee, and now they need community volunteers to help maintain it.

Treasurer Bronwyn Stewart and secretary Vivienne Wilkinson said the park opened 18 months ago and has proved a real hit with the community. Easily more than 100 people a week were using it.

“There is a steady stream of people – all ages, lots of adults as well,” Mrs Wilkinson said.

“We built it for the community and now we want the community to take ownership of it and help us look after it.”

The committee was working with the council about lawn-mowing, but volunteers were also needed for other tasks including weeding, maintaining berms, checking for rubbish and checking for holes in the track, Mrs Wilkinson said.

“The international culture of jumps is that users look after it, so when you go and ride the jumps, you go and check out the track to see if is safe to ride and there’s no rubbish on it, and if it needs a bit of maintenance, you .. fix any holes,” Mrs Wilkinson said.

People needed to be educated how to do that, “but we can do that; we can teach people what needs done and how to do it,” she said.

There were only eight members on the committee and they had spent more than six years getting the bike park up and running, Mrs Stewart said.

“We’ve all got jobs; we’ve all got businesses; and we can’t do it all. Now that we’ve got that momentum we need to push further, but we’re struggling,” she said.

“It’s a great facility, a lot of people come from Queenstown and Wanaka to use it, and holiday-makers.”

There were plans to expand as well, extending the pump track so that it travelled around the outside of the learn-to-ride area, Mrs Wilkinson said.

A volunteer with marketing expertise was needed and the group was looking for a builder to help put a roof on the equipment shed, she said.

People who were interested could contact the group at Running shoes brand男性必見!パイパンにしてみたらメリットしかなかった体験談