Age gap nothing in skate bowl




There might be 20 years between them but two Wanaka skateboarders will go head to head at the Bowlzilla national skateboard festival in Wellington.
Chris Curran (32) and Zedyn Fellows (12) are both heading to the competition taking place on March 7 at Waitangi Park in Wellington.

Curran said as well as competing in their own age categories, they would be battling against each other.
‘‘He is 12 and I am 32 but with skateboarding it is more of an open competition, so we can actually skate against anybody.’’
Zedyn said as well as competing in the open competition he would be ‘‘looking to take out’’ the under­16 category.
He has been skating for six years.

‘‘I get a big adrenaline rush every time I roll down something really big,’’ he said
Zedyn attended Bowlzilla for the first time last year but weather made it difficult.
‘‘It rained so I didn’t do very well.’’
His main competitors include Niwa Shewry (13), of Taranaki — ‘‘he’s probably New Zealand’s best skateboarder at the moment’’— and Remus Henare
(12), of Taupo.

But this year Zedyn would be ‘‘looking to beat them out’’.
Curran said Bowlzilla was the name of the national park and bowl skating championships.
‘‘It’s probably the biggest park and bowl competition in New Zealand.’’
About 50 competitors took part in front of a crowd of about 3000 people, he said.

The event had more of a festival feel and as well as the competition there was an arts show, party and barbecue, Curran said.
Competitors from across the country would take part in the competition as well as others from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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