A word from Jaqui Dean, MP for Waitaki


Govt needs to get out of the way

It’s time to talk about the cost of living.

Well, to be more precise, it was time to talk about the rising cost of everyday goods and services and the reality now is that the time for talking is well and truly over.

It is beyond time that the strain on New Zealanders’ pockets was met with an appropriate economic response from the Government.

There are few places where Labour’s misguided approach is more evident than at the petrol station where diesel prices are increasing and 91-octane hit an all-time average high last month.

Our groceries are also among the array of essential goods that seems to be getting more expensive by the day.

It is time for a hard reset of the Government’s economic approach and there is no better place to start than by ending the continued expansion of government itself.

Fixated on mergers and amalgamation, Labour has added layers upon layers of expensive bureaucracy while in government.

The restructure of the health system, amalgamation of polytechs and unnecessary projects like the Three Waters reforms are prime examples.

It is important to note that there are areas within healthcare such as maternity and cancer detection and treatment where money should be spent.

But the changing of the health system is solely a bureaucratic restructure which will not expand health services.

Paying bureaucrats to redefine DHB boundaries and change letterheads is irresponsible spending and that approach is at odds with what the Government has asked of our country over the past two years.

New Zealanders have made huge sacrifices to get through the pandemic and now need to get on with their lives and get on with running their businesses.

It is the Government that is standing in their way.

National’s approach to 2022 has been very clear.

It is an approach we discussed in depth at our recent caucus meeting in Queenstown.

We have already offered a good range of alternatives to drive a better New Zealand.

A strong and effective economic policy provides the foundation for revitalisation of our country.

It is going to be a big year in Parliament and I am excited to be a part of National team offering a blueprint for a better New Zealand.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott’s gold medal-winning run at the weekend again demonstrated what incredible things New Zealanders can achieve.

I must mention that I could not have been prouder to be the representative for the Waitaki electorate as I watched one of our own claim New Zealand’s first Winter Olympics gold medal.

It was incredible to watch Zoi deliver a pinpoint performance on her sport’s biggest and most important international stage.

The TV scenes of Zoi’s family and friends celebrating her historical win were just as great to see.