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Kiwi voices abroad tell us how lucky we’ve been

About 20% of New Zealand citizens live overseas majority across the Tasman but some Kiwis do turn up in the most obscure of places.

One of my weekly “must listens” on Radio New Zealand National is Jim Mora’s “Calling Home” segment on his Sunday Morning programme.

Over the last few months Jim has called Kiwis living in places such as San Francisco, Azerbaijan, Patagonia, Sweden, Honolulu, Fiji, Las Vegas, Macau, North Carolina, Klosters, Dublin, Iceland and Ethiopia.

We certainly are a nation of wanderers.

The experience of most of these expatriates during the Covid-19 epidemic in their adopted countries has been tough.

It was a reminder, if we needed one, that a combination of our island geography, a willingness by us all to take actions to protect every member of our community, and our leaders making decisions informed by robust science has served us well.

As a brand new grandparent with a very elderly father I am so thankful that I live in a country which cares for every one of its citizens, including the sick, elderly and vulnerable.

I have no doubt that we are all up for the inevitable challenges Covid-19 will throw our way in the coming months and years.

During his chat, Jim always asks these far-flung New Zealanders what they miss about home.

Most mention our access to the coast and open spaces as well as Kiwis’ openness and friendliness.

Those of us who have done their “OE” in a small apartment in a large city and endured a daily commute staring at unfriendly, unanimated faces can probably relate to this.

Covid-19 restrictions make life rather unpleasant in large cities.

We have been so lucky to have space and fresh air to help make lockdown more bearable.

Sunday Morning is just one of the listening treasures available on Radio New Zealand.

The magic of radio enables you to keep in touch with the world while doing other things.

Never mind if you miss something; RNZ has all its programmes archived and available as podcasts on its app and website www.rnz.co.nz .