A Word from Amy Neilson, local fitness and nutrition coach


Lose weight while not changing diet

I’ve heard friends emerging from lockdown, tentatively squeezing into their (long lost) jeans and struggling.

Top tip? I hear a hair tie round a button works a trick for easing tight waistbands.

I’m not usually one for a gimmicky headline, but as we all get busier on establishing yet another new normal some quick tips on how to feel better without completely overhauling everything you eat, could go down well.

Move Your Body

Exercise breaking any big news here. But recent studies have shown that when it comes to changing what you eat, or increasing your exercise alone, the latter can be just as effective.

It obviously depends on your baseline, but simply adding 20 minutes of moderate activity (i.e. walking) each day can make a huge difference.

As the mornings and evenings get lighter, why not squeeze in an extra walk?

On a more complex level, lifting weights or engaging in other activity that builds muscle can also help you burn more fat without necessarily losing weight by increasing your muscle fat and thus your caloric expenditure.

Turn Up The Heat

In particular the infrared sauna. Why are they so good?

Unlike a normal sauna they heat the body, almost internally (for want of a better description).

They create change in the body on a cellular level, improving your fat metabolism and simultaneously increasing your core body temperature.

A 20-minute sauna session 3 times a week helped a group in recent study lose 4% body fat, compared to a control group, without changing their diet or exercise.

The mood and energy benefits that you experience are another incredible by-product.

Adding heat to your food, in the form of black or cayenne pepper, can have a similar effect, actively increasing your core body temperature.

I have friends now addicted to putting chilli on their eggs

Take The (Cold) Plunge

It’s something I’ve talked about before and even with a lot of discourse emerging around the benefits most people still look at you like you’re crazy.

Cold showers, lake dips/sea swims.

They sound horrible.

So why bother?

Cold plunges help turn inactive white fat, into more metabolically active brown fat which can be burnt for energy.

Recent studies suggest you can burn up to an additional 68kcal an hour following cold exposure. There are a huge amount of other benefits but even just turning your shower cold for 30 seconds at the end can make a big difference to your energy and mood.

Will you give them a go?

Let me know if you do and if you have any questions.

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