A word from Amy Neilson, local fitness and nutrition coach


Help for surviving the holidays

It’s hard enough to eat right and exercise regularly and then we add the holidays, friends, family, a load of delicious food and alcohol to the mix.

Not a recipe for fitness success exercise and eating well becomes less of a priority as we get side-tracked.

It’s important to relax and you deserve to enjoy your time off, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up on healthy habits altogether.

There are plenty of ways to stay on top of your game and keep it fun.


In the morning don’t be a slave to hosting friends and family.

Make sure you do one thing each day for you, whether that’s a morning walk, run or something. A good trick is to make sure you do this first thing in the morning before the rest of your holiday crew are up.

Curate your own options

If you’re in charge of catering make sure there are healthy options. Friends and family will likely arrive with armfuls of chips, dip and treats. Make sure platters have meat and cheese (for a healthy dose of filling protein and satiating fat), cucumber and courgette sticks (better than they sound, refreshing and mostly water) as well as chips and crackers. Try making your own dip to avoid sugary and oily supermarket mixes.

Get everyone involved

If you’re struggling to entertain friends and family for days on end suggest a walk, hike or bike. We’re lucky that in the part of the world we live there are heaps of walking tracks and cycle trails right on our doorstep. If you can get out with your friends and family to be active they will thank you for it – but most importantly you will thank yourself.

That’s the lesson over for – now for some fun easy and delicious Christmas platter inspiration with absolutely no refined sugar or grains.

For recipes, check here.