A Word from Amy Neilson, Local fitness and nutrition coach


Alternative milks not necessarily healthy

Have you seen Jack Whitehall on milk?

If you haven’t, search “we have enough milks now” on YouTube and you’re welcome!

It’s probably a bit of a cheeky question but have you considered that your fancy milk could be making you fatter?

Or (more gently put) hindering rather than helping your health goals.

It’s really great for everyone with dairy intolerances that there are now a number of different milk alternatives out there, but there are also a lot of drawbacks to some of these fancy milks that a lot of people don’t realise.

A few key problems

Portion control  – choosing oat, rice, or soy milk surely makes your latte-a-day habit OK right? Not really – its still pretty much a meal in a cup.

They’re delicious lots of them are full of oils and sugar.

They’re a highly processed food.

Plant-based means they must be better for me right? Mmm sadly not – some plant milks are some of the most processed health products out there.

There is a reason an almond is crunchy, salty and hard – the protein, fat and fibre that comes with a nut. Strip all that out and add water, oil and thickeners? Not really the same and your body won’t think so either.

Let’s compare what’s inside

Good old-fashioned milk – protein to fill you up, fat to slow the absorption of the natural sugar into the blood stream.

Trim milk  – no fat so the sugar hits your bloodstream straight away followed by a crash and cravings  – a winner? Not really.

Oat milk  – 4-5tsp worth of carbohydrates, no protein or fat. Hardly any nutritional value at all. Often contains hidden oils.

Soy milk – soy containts phytoestrogens which act like the female sex hormone in our body. This isn’t necessarily bad but if we have too much already it’s no good either.

Almond milk – not bad but some contain up to 10 ingredients like thickeners.

Coconut milk – vey high in fat, which is no bad thing, but it’s probably not a good idea to drink it by the litre (or the latte).

How to enjoy them well

  • Read your labels.
  • Choose the least processed option.
  • Like anything overconsume them.

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