Local businesses are screaming out for workers but prospective staff are finding it difficult to find adequate accommodation.

While the accommodation crisis is an annual occurrence, growing concern lingers with only two remaining hostels open to the public for the upcoming season.

For some looking for employment in the resort, the only solution has been to risk financial security and move into the area.

In order to do this, they have needed to become dependent on savings and the prospect of consistent income.

On May 15, Jaida Aliyah shifted from Kurow with her partner and sister.

Prior to moving, they were unable to find accommodation, and planned on renting an Airbnb.

She said even that had been challenging.

‘‘They are usually one bedroom places or they are huge houses that are way out of our budget.’’

For workers travelling in from abroad, their financial investment requires commitment.

Melbourne-based Julian Clark has struggled to find a place while still in Australia.

‘‘I’m getting to the conclusion that I will need to get myself to New Zealand first, then try to meet potential housemates in person.’’

As of May 19, Mr Clark said there had only been one serious response through his online searches.

For those seeking accommodation, private social media groups have become the platform of choice.

Ms Aliyah and Mr Clark have both pro›actively engaged with these platforms.

To support the growing demand, the Workforce Accommodation Network (WAN) began in 2020 to connect accommodation providers with verified workers.

Finding seasonal homes…Workforce Accommodation Network owner Carmen Blackler has been working alongside employers of seasonal workers to find accommodation for the upcoming season.

WAN founder Carmen Blackler said winter workers had already begun registering, with 30 waiting for verification.

‘‘In the winter period rooms tend to go quickly. We expect activity to increase in the next couple of weeks, as workers arrive in town,’’ she said.

Cardrona/Treble Cone general manager of experience Laura Hedley said they had been working alongside WAN to help organise accommodation for their winter staff.

‘‘We are actively working with our local community and businesses to find opportunities and solutions around seasonal accommodation,’’ she said.

As of last month, seven rentals were listed on Trade Me Property with the average weekly rental ranging between $600-850 for a three bedroom home in Wanaka.