Despite Covid-19 alert level disruptions, installation of the wastewater main in Clyde continues, the council’s latest newsletter says.

The Central Otago District Council’s newsletter said so far contractors had completed the main and laterals to the property boundaries, finalising the work in the central business district along Holloway St.

As of this week the contractor, Seipp, had completed about 60% of the required wastewater pipe, with 3248m out of 5100m installed.

Seipp was working on the remaining section of Sunderland St and the project team continued to work through the required building consent documents.

Stage one customers could expect to receive further information regarding the laterals to private property in the coming weeks, the newsletter said.

In terms of the process, wastewater mains were being laid in the road and lateral pipes from that main to the boundary.

Private property laterals ran from the boundary to the resident’s house.

Septic tanks were then decommissioned and the main was connected.

A building consent was required for the lateral pipe and decommissioning of the septic tank on each property, and the project team was working through getting building consent documents for all stage one properties that required a building consent.

These were being submitted gradually to council’s building and planning teams for issuing consent. As individual consents were issued, work would start.

The council was paying the building consent fee.

In mid-2022, contractors would return to decommission a property’s septic tank and connect the lateral pipe to working standard.

Decommissioning a septic tank required them being emptied, disinfected, punctured and backfilled with clean fill, and as-built plans could then provide for a code of compliance to be issued.

A key component of the Clyde wastewater system was the main pump station. It would be beside the Clyde dog park and transfer waste from Clyde to Alexandra for treatment.

The tender for this work is in the final stages, with a late November start expected.

Two additional smaller pump stations would complete the system. The pump station in the Clyde Holiday Park was to be finished by Labour weekend and the initial excavation work had been completed but Covid-19 slowed work as essential materials had yet to be received, the newsletter said.