An Alexandra local is disappointed an apparent burglar stole firewood from her home.

Amy Bradley said she had just ordered a 2m supply of firewood that was expected to last until halfway through this month, but after being away for 10 days last week she came back to an empty shed.

‘‘Someone has come on to my property while I’ve been away and helped themselves to our
wood,’’ she said.

Miss Bradley, who has a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, said she had reported the stolen wood to police, but as there was nothing unique about firewood it would be ‘‘pretty impossible’’ to track.

But she warned others to be on the lookout, and hoped others would not be caught out.

After seeing her post about the stolen wood on social media a local businessman offered her a free 2m supply, and while she was very thankful for his offer she declined — ‘‘there are people more deserving than me’’, she said.

A police spokeswoman said they had seen a return to pre-Alert Level 4 crime volumes as
restrictions had eased.

As the vast majority of New Zealanders followed Alert Level 3 and 4 restrictions there was a decrease in crime across areas such as road policing, theft and burglary and assaults.

It was suspected other crime types, such as family harm, were under-reported during Alert
Levels 3 and 4, she said.

The reduction in some crime types was likely due to a numbers of factors such as the highly visible police presence in communities, lower traffic volumes and the fact suspicious
behaviour stood out more with fewer people around.

Police advice

Police offer the following advice to help keep your home and vehicles safe:

  • Lock your doors and windows.
  • Record the serial numbers of expensive electronic items and photograph these and other
  • Keep valuables out of sight.
  • Install an alarm system, and get sensor lights fitted.
  • Keep garden sheds and garages locked when not in use.
  • Keep hedges or plants around doors and windows well-trimmed — don’t give the burglar place to hide.
  • Join or form a neighbourhood support group.
  • We urge anyone who sees anything suspicious to call 111. Further burglary prevention
    advice is available on the police website.