Dog poo is regularly landing on St Gerard’s School grounds and staff have had enough, calling the act “ridiculous”.

Eleven bags of dog excrement were found by school caretaker Mark Eastwood on Friday morning, dumped among shrubs where children often play and take part in school activities.

The discovery is nothing new, he said.

He had come across small black bags containing dog dung on a daily basis over the past year, often thrown over the fence off Station St.

“It’s just become ridiculous.”

He urged the culprit to show some respect, particularly as children often played in the vicinity. They also use the area for a predator identification project, often crouching down to investigate predator footprints.

“The first thing they do is kneel down on these things,” Mr Eastwood said.

Dumping ground . . . A pile of bags containing dog poo, dumped on St Gerard’s School grounds on Friday last week. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

School principal Trina Eastwood said installing surveillance cameras was an option.

“It’s certainly something we’ve talked about.”

The issue had been raised within the school community and now she wanted to extend those concerns to the wider community, in the hope the culprit would be caught, either by someone associated with the school or another member of public.

“We are just really disappointed that somebody in the community would choose school grounds to drop off their dog’s poo.”

Mrs Eastwood said no area of school grounds was off-limits to the children who often made huts among the shrubs and climbed trees.

“The children play in the whole of the grounds .. so [the fouling is] in their playing area.”

She urges anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously in the area or throwing anything over the fence to report the matter to the school.

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