Some 10 months since maritime delegation of Lake Dunstan transferred from the Central Otago District Council (CODC) to the Otago Regional Council (ORC), the transition has been smooth, an official says.

ORC harbourmaster Steve Rushbrook updated a full meeting of the council last week about activity and work undertaken during the 2020-21 boating season on Lake Dunstan.

In his report, Mr Rushbrook said the formal transfer of maritime delegation for Lake Dunstan to return to the ORC took place on September 14.

The transfer involved merging of two sets of navigational bylaws (CODC and ORC) to provide a more consistent set of rules applied across Otago, he said.

Since then, about 130 navigational safety buoys and marks had been overhauled and maintained to ensure they were functional, including the large Cardinal mark at Old Cromwell.

New navigation marks included five shallow water marks each at both Old Cromwell and at the Bendigo area at the top of lake, updating and replacing 5knot buoys at Pisa, a 5knot buoy at Northburn and isolated danger marks on the Clyde arm to mark rocks on the waterline.

The harbourmaster boat was on the water for 11 days, most during busy periods around New Year, and was engaged in the national No Excuses campaign interacting with boat users and discussing safety.

Mr Rushbrook also attended a search and rescue exercise with other emergency services and the weed management group to provide input on lake issues.

The Kiwi Water Park operated with no navigational concerns, but two 5knot buoys were installed at the edges of the operation and “they seemed to work well”.

“We will consider this again next year depending on the location of this operation in 21-22,” Mr Rushbrook said.

“We have been consulted as an affected party on one mooring application and the Kiwi Water Park.”

The harbourmaster also assisted placing the CODC swim pontoon at Weatherall Creek.

“We are happy to assist with these operations as and when requested to by CODC.”

Applications for events on Lake Dunstan were coming to the harbourmaster for approval and staff had dealt with several customer services responses made through the CODC.