Signs wanted to put brakes on truck noise


An idea to have “no engine brakes” signs put up near the Albert Town Bridge is gaining traction, and a customer request form is now available for residents to register their support.

Albert Town resident Jools Winstanley has been based in the area for two years, since moving from Wanaka.

She said there had been a noticeable increase in traffic volume during that time, especially trucks which had to slow for the one-lane bridge.

The trucks come from either the Hawea quarry or down the hill from Wanaka, she said.

“Trucks do use their engine brakes when you’re going down a steep mountain road or whatever, but it’s just got so, so noisy.

“You can hear the road rattle.”

instructing drivers not to use engine brakes in built-up areas, and she hoped to have something erected in Albert Town.

“You drive through little towns and you see ‘No engine brakes for the next 2km’ signs all over. I said to my husband, ‘That would be great if we could get one of those’.”

A customer request form was now available through Aspiring Highways, and she had spread the word by dropping off leaflets and promoting the campaign on the Upper Clutha Community Notices Facebook page.

The level of public support would determine whether the idea went ahead, she said.

“It seems to have got a bit of interest, so hopefully that’ll happen.

“I don’t normally tackle those kinds of things but it was just obvious that the noise level had gone up such a lot.

“The trucks are there all through the day, but also some of the trucks come through at, like, 4.30 in the morning. That’s quite annoying.”

To request a form, email or joolswinstanley1@gmail.comaffiliate tracking urlBěžecké tretry Nike