Land developer Bob Kilgour could soon get his long-held wish for a new road into Alexandra’s Business Park area.

Mr Kilgour, of Molyneux Estate, said the company had a road partly formed within the business park, off Boundary Rd.

He understood the Central Otago District Council would complete it so it met State Highway 8.

The “link road” was desperately needed because of increased traffic in the vicinity, he said.

A feasibility report completed by MWH New Zealand, in August 2007, recommended a new link road be established between SH8 and Success St, west of the power pylons.

“So, what’s happened is the industrial development has been completed and the road that was proposed has never gone in,” Mr Kilgour said.

Council infrastructure services executive manager Julie Muir said now that the area developed by Mr Kilgour and other industrial and residential developers had progressed, a road would be built providing access from SH8.

She said the road would be built by developers as the pines area to the north of Alexandra was developed.

About 300m of the route crossed public land. When the road was being built, the council would fund that 300m section.

Funding has been allocated to the project in the 2028 long-term plan.

Ms Muir said the timing of that would be driven by development in the area, but would be reconsidered again when the next long-term plan was developed for 2021.

“If development in this area occurs earlier, then this funding would be brought forward to tie in with the developers’ plans.”

A section of land has been designated for the road in the district plan since 1998.

While the council did not have any problems with the proposal, it did question who should pay, Ms Muir said.

“It is customary for the costs of new infrastructure to service developments to be included as part of the development cost, which is funded by developers, not ratepayers.”

However, Molyneux Estate had asked for construction of the entire road to be funded by ratepayers.

A quote provided in 2007 estimated the road would cost about $1.2 million.

“This does not include the cost to construct a roundabout at the state highway intersection.”

That would cost about $500,000.

“Council have not proposed that this work be funded by Central Otago ratepayers, other than the 300m which crosses public land.”

In the meantime, she said the existing route from Boundary Rd to SH8 provided adequate access.

“Boundary Rd has been constructed to a standard which is suitable to the volume and types of traffic that are currently using it.”

Although at peak times there was a wait at the Boundary Rd/SH8 intersection, it did not meet the criteria for upgrading.bridge media【2021年発売予定】 サカイ × ナイキ ヴェイパー ワッフル 全4色 – スニーカーウォーズ