Rest home expansion plan



The Teviot Valley Rest Home in Roxburgh is going to have a $1.1million upgrade in the next 18 months to meet an increasing demand for residential beds.

The rest-home, which adjoins the Roxburgh Medical Centre, caters for 14 permanent residents.

Governing committee chairman Alex Gordon said while occupancy rates were usually about 80% to 90%, the rest-home had been at 100% for some time and there was a waiting list.

another five bedrooms and an additional sitting room-lounge to the complex, as well as a covered entrance-way off the driveway for easier drop-offs.

He said the project was expected to cost more than $1million, with an additional $130,000 for the covered access, which was considered a separate project.

The extension would go at the north end of the present building and would run at right angles to the main road.

“We knew there would be a high demand [for rest-home beds] and that demand is not going to lessen,” Mr Gordon said.

“We have had the plans for a five-bedroom extension lying on the table for some time.

“Now we have to fund-raise.

“We have been talking to Central Lakes Trust and we have had good conversations.”

The committee would also be looking at other sources of funding but did not want to approach banks, preferring to be debt-free if possible.

“There are a range of funders we can approach and we have been well supported in the past and we hope that will continue.”

It intends to start work on the entrance-way early next year but envisages the extensions are likely to begin in about 18 months.

“We are pretty close to applying to the Central Otago District Council for consent.”

The rest-home’s sole respite-care bed is no longer available because of the high demand for rooms.

Mr Gordon said the average age of rest-home clients was more than 90.

“In this valley people are living longer and looking after themselves, and are healthier and fitter.

“While the valley’s population generally was not growing that much, some housing is being taken up by people looking towards retiring here.

“The valley’s population in that age group keeps increasing.”

He said they were “highly indebted” to the rest-home staff, which was generally stable.

“They are doing a marvellous job,” he said.

“We are looking at the future positively.”Asics shoesNike