Refunds for ticketed residents



Several Alexandra residents are angry after being ticketed for parking outside their homes and the Central Otago District Council (CODC) is working to put things right.

The council would waive fines for anyone affected and was asking residents to provide their vehicle registrations to avoid further tickets, CODC roading manager Murray Hasler said.

“At this stage I am aware of three tickets issued to residential occupants of properties adjacent to restricted parking zones.

“The council has only been made aware that these residents have been ticketed as a result of them advising us.

“One of these [residents] advised that he had already paid his fee and wasn’t requesting reimbursement. He was wanting to avoid having further tickets issued to him.

“The council will, however, reimburse the fee already paid.”

Other tickets issued to residents living next to the restricted zones, who were able to provide evidence of their address, would be cancelled without requiring payment if the residents applied to the council, he said.

“The council has requested the permanent residents at affected properties provide details of registration numbers of their vehicles, legally able park on the street, to the council.

“These details will be used by the council to avoid tickets being issued to these vehicles parked on the street or in the council car park adjacent to their property. The information can also be used to cancel a ticket if one is issued,” Mr Hasler said.

Another resident who received a ticket in Shannon St, but had it cancelled once she phoned the council, said she thought the council should have put fliers in residents’ letterboxes or directly contacted people living in affected residential streets to let them know they would not face parking fines so as to “save people a lot of upset”.best Running shoesツーブロック × アシメ 【最新メンズヘアカタログ】 , メンズファッションメディア