Recycled glass used as gravel


Beer drinkers have unknowingly contributed to a Central Otago construction project.

Contractors working on the Clyde wastewater project have used a glass-blended gravel for the bulk fill along Sunderland St.

Council capital projects programme manager Patrick Keenan said the process, which was part of a trial, included 300sq m of material.

Of that material, about 10% contained recycled glass.

“This equates to approximately 10,000 24-packs of beer or 232,800 stubbies.”

The glass was blended with pit gravel. It was topped with 150mm of gravel, which did not contain glass.

“The trial was successful and the mixture appears to have worked well. This is a small part of the council’s wider sustainability strategy and we will continue to progress and improve this method.”

He said, if feasible, the same process would be used on other council-owned roads and carriageways where project work was being done.

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