Recyclables heading for landfill




Councils across Otago are following the lead of other local bodies regarding recycling — abandoning it in the wake of Covid-19.
Because recyclables are sorted by hand, all recycling hubs across Central Otago and Wanaka are closed, as are transfer stations and landfills.

Manual recycling sorting facilities are not classified an essential service. As such, in the interests of staff safety and following national best practice, recycling will be collected as normal and taken to landfill until the Covid-19 response levels return to level 2.
The Central Otago District Council’s emptying of yellow-top recycling wheelie bins went ahead as usual last week but it would not be recycled and items should be stored if possible.
In Queenstown Lakes District Council jurisdiction the same rules apply — collection as normal but don’t expect items put out in lockdown to be recycled. Store them if possible.
Other councils in Otago are following the same rules.

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