Pupils gathering to encourage responsible driving


Wanaka Students Against Dangerous Driving (Sadd) members are gathering on the lake shore on Friday to encourage good driving behaviour.

Wanaka Sadd leader Caitlin Roberts (18) said the group would be at the lakefront by Ardmore St from 4.30pm to 5.30pm for a series of games designed to show the dangers of drinking while driving.

People would be able to try out navigating between cones while wearing “booze goggles”.

“We are going to get people to do the course with them and without them so they can see the difference and how it affects their ability to drive.”

Another task was trying to ride a scooter while texting “a lot of people text and drive” .

The benefits of “taking your time” would be demonstrated by showing how challenging it was to build Jenga in only ten seconds instead of having a longer period.

“Taking your time can affect your judgement.”

The group would then join the police at a checkpoint from 6.30pm, she said.

Otago Lakes road policing team leader Sergeant Chris Brooks said the police were committed to safety on roads and supported initiatives that encouraged motorists to drive safely.

“We welcome Sadd students at our checkpoints as more voices to share the importance of road safety, and we commend them for their efforts in their communities.”

Police were focusing on four main behaviours that contributed to death and serious injury on roads: people not wearing a seatbelt, driving distracted – such as using hand-held mobile phones, driving impaired by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue – and driving too fast for the conditions, he said.

He urged people to never drink and drive, to plan ahead, nominate a sober driver, share a cab, or organise to stay at a friend’s place.

“Remember to always wear your seatbelt – it could save your life – put your phone away, obey the speed limit and don’t drive too fast for the conditions.”Running sneakersKopačky na fotbal