Plea for return of school’s missing memorial bench


Abench in Alexandra dedicated to the memory of a popular teacher and volunteer firefighter has been awol for two weeks.

The bench was installed at The Terrace School to mark the life of Matt Murphy, who taught at the school and was a station officer with the Clyde Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Mr Murphy died in May 2018 and the seat became a fixture of the schoolyard at the start of 2019.

Principal Sarah Graham issued a plea when it was noticed the seat was gone at the beginning of the school holidays and said she was not sure when it was taken.

She simply wants to have the distinctive grey steel bench returned.

‘‘I wouldn’t ask any questions if it got put back where it was.

‘‘It’s precious to us for our much-loved teacher and colleague who passed away and we would like it back. It’s for the kids and staff to take a moment to remember Matt Murphy.’’

Ms Graham said she believed expansion of the school’s car park had exposed the bench and made it more visible and accessible.

Therefore, it was easier to take.

‘‘We’d just like it back or any information would be most grateful.’’

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