Obsession turns into sweet charity


Roxburgh Area School pupil Caitlin Richards is getting a taste of sweet success.

The year 12 pupil, who is studying towards NCEA level 2, has launched Caitlin’s Cupcakes as part of her business studies.

“Part of that [subject] is to create a business and produce a product to sell.”

She turned to her love of baking to get the ball rolling.

Caitlin (16) completed a market research survey throughout the school to determine what flavour cupcakes were in demand and how much people would be prepared to pay for them.

“Then I had to analyse that data and write up a market research report.”

It was that report that helped her settle on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Caitlin tops her cupcakes with “light fluffy” icing and M&Ms, and also added a surprise hit of M&Ms in the middle.

“I do like baking,” she said, of her chosen product.

“I was obsessed with making cupcakes. That did influence me a bit.”

Caitlin was grateful to the school for allowing her to use the home economics classroom for the project.

She has to complete two sale cycles, the first of which took place at the school on July 27.

However, she had some left over at the end of her school day so took them to the street where she sold the last of them.

“On that day, I sold 100 cupcakes. So far I’ve made over $200 [after cost].”

She said 100% of the proceeds would go to KidsCan Charitable Trust, which provided more than 177,000 children with access to food, clothing and healthcare items, in partnership with 732 schools across the country.

Caitlin will sell another batch of cupcakes at the school tomorrow.

Proceeds from those sales will also go to KidsCan Charitable Trust.

The project was one Caitlin had enjoyed because it allowed her to incorporate her ove of baking with her keen interest in business.

“When I get older I want to be involved in law and business,” she said.

“I like the business side of things. It interests me.”buy shoesNike Air Force 1 High