At 89 years of age, Russell Poole has ticked the final box on his bucket list.

The former Alexandra Borough mayor waited more than 20 years, but he finally has a street named in his honour.

Mr Poole was the last mayor of Alexandra Borough, serving one term from 1986 to 1989 before the local government malgamation occurred the same year, significantly reducing the number of local bodies.

He is the final mayor of the Alexandra Borough to receive a street name.

In April, the Vincent Community Board agreed to rename a portion of Boundary Rd as Poole Rd.

Renaming the section of Boundary Rd would allow numbers to be allocated and removed delays for emergency services, a council report stated.

The name Recreation Dr was originally proposed to reflect the street’s proximity to the aquatic centre, bowling club, and sports grounds; however, when Vincent Community Board chairman Martin McPherson suggested Poole Rd, board members agreed.

The new street name and sign were unveiled to Mr Poole last week.

Mr Poole said he was a patient man, and despite waiting more than 20 years was pleased to have a street named after him.

“I thought it would happen because every other mayor before had a street named after them,” Mr Poole said.

His only regret was his late wife of 65 years died earlier this year and did not get to see the street name.

Board chairman Martin McPherson said he was pleased to see Mr Poole finally get his street name.

“I know it gave Russell a lot of pleasure and it gave me pleasure being able to see that fulfilled,” he said.

“If I don’t do anything else in my term of “mayor of Alex” that is wonderful.”