With local elections looming The News spoke to some of Central Otago’s elected representatives about their plans come October.  This is part 2 of our coverage.

We put three questions to them  – 1. How many terms have you served on council/community board?  2. Do you intend to stand again in the 2022 local elections?  3. From your experience, what do you see as the biggest challenge facing your community?  4. Anything else you would like to add?

See their responses below.

Lynley Calridge – Central Otago District Council
1. I’m not sure how many terms I have served… just haven’t had time to research this today.
2. Yes I will stand for Council again..
3. There are many major issues facing our community at the moment..major reforms brought about by government… experience in the needs of our own community will be the key in successfully moving forward. Covid has had a huge impact on our daily living – on our families and our confidence. 4. We have a strong sense of community in Central Otago, we look after each other – standing together we will succeed.
Norman Dalley – Teviot Community Board
1. One
2. Yes. Mainly because
there are a number of major challenges for our community coming our way in the next 3-5 years with all the reforms being pushed by Central Government, along with the potential of a substantial infrastructure project landing on our backdoor. I want to be able be around to promote the interests of our rural community as best I can.
3. The reforms being promoted by Central Government are further marginalising smaller communities. Health, Three Waters, Resource Management Act
4. I would encourage more members of our community to participate in the local government roles, particularly those from the generations who’s children are likely to be more affected by these reforms.
Raymond Gunn – Teviot Valley Community Board chairman
1. Four terms
2. No. I think I’ve done enough there now, I’ll let someone else have a go. The last three terms have been chairman _ it’s time to pursue other things.
3. The big challenge at the moment, I think, going forward the biggest challenge – a lot of decision making is going further away from the public. Three waters – it’s getting taken away from local people who know the area, we’re losing that. If we end up getting amalgamated with another council further away and they don’t know the area.
4. I am staying on the technical reference group for the NZ Battery Project – MBIE are happy for me stay on that.
Sally Feinerman – Tevito Community Board
1. Two terms
2. yes
3. I think worker shortage and worker accommodation is one of our big challenges facing the community and a lack of options for dining out in the evening which in turn makes it a less desirable option to come here to work.
4. This term it has been great to see the skate park completed and to be at the demo stage for the Roxburgh Pool rebuild.
Bob Scott – Cromwell Community Board
1. Less than 1 term. I was elected at a by-election in July 2021 and have served just 10 months. Ten months which has given me a chance to understand the processes and how the Council works.
2. 2. I do intend to stand for the Community Board at the forthcoming election in October 2022. I believe that I have plenty to offer. A fresh face on the board. One that is
willing to listen to the
aspirations and concerns of the community and to
fight for them.
3. Unprecedented growth of population and tourist visitors in the Cromwell basin has put pressure on services in the area. I am concerned that the provision of
infrastructure to deal
with the demand is painfully slow and we need to prioritise the provision of these services as a matter
of urgency. We need to create more full-time local jobs by encouraging businesses to move to the area. Many residents are under-employed because
they can only find part-time roles which does not allow them to find affordable accommodation in
the district. Affordable housing is a must and this can be achieved by freeing up some of the council owned land for this type of development.
4. An urgent review of
the Cromwell Masterplan. Since it was adopted by the Community Board in
June 2019, growth in
Cromwell has caused circumstances to change. I am not sure that the proposals in the Masterplan still match the needs
and wishes of the community.


Tracy Paterson – Central Otago District Council 1. I am in my first term. 2. Yes I am. I guess it’s the old adage of you’re learning a lot in your first term and you start making a heck of a lot of difference in your second. 3. There’s some seriously big issues facing our district and I think that we need to make sure the councillors are talking to their people. I’d like to have the opportunity to stand and do more with that … to represent our Vincent community, and especially our rural community. Three waters, rates, core infrasturcture are all things our district face.