A crisis appears to have been averted on the Roxburgh Gorge Trail a leak, running below houses for months on end, has stopped.

The water, which had been running above the track near Alexandra since about July finally stopped late last week, but the area was still wet and a stream of water was still flowing alongside the track.

Central Otago Clutha Trails co-director Barrie Wills had initially raised concerns about the leak with the Central Otago District Council about July, after realising it had the potential to compromise the houses above the track.

Despite investigations, it was not known exactly what caused the leak, which appeared to be coming from a source in Old Bridge Rd, in Alexandra.

The council had worked to identify the cause, still to no avail as of January.

Dr Wills was not sure why it had stopped, and had contacted the council to find out if it had finally discovered the cause, but he had not heard back as of earlier this week.

“The thing stopped. It was still hosing out of the hill a fortnight ago,” he said.

“I was down there to clear a tree at the Half Mile and when we went past, lo and behold, the leak had stopped.

“It’s starting to dry up, so I’m not quite sure what’s happened.”

He said if the leak was being caused by a spring it would still be going, which ruled out that possibility.

The council was approached for comment but could not respond before deadline.