Growth offers great business opportunities, speaker says


A Central Otago business owner believes there is potential for aspiring entrepreneurs in the region to flourish.

Alexandra woman Angela Connell has run a health, wellness and yoga centre in the Central Otago town since 2017.

She was a guest speaker during a Startup Central gathering in Alexandra recently where about 20 attendees asked questions and discussed their business aspirations.

Ms Connell’s business was aided by an initial bout of crowdfunding, in which she raised about $3000 to help her get started.

She said with the continued growth of Central Otago, there was potential for innovation.

“I see more and more families moving into the region – there’s an influx of so many skills.”

The recent Startup Central meeting was the second session of its kind held in Alexandra.

Another meeting was held in Cromwell last month.

Views shared by attendees at Wednesday’s get-together were concerning a desire for shared resources for “like-minded people” and forging work friendships in the town.

Ms Connell said there was a gap in the market in the creative and cultural fields and mooted the idea of a music festival for the area.

In September, Ms Connell was a finalist in the business excellence category of the 2019 Central Otago Awards.latest Running SneakersΓυναικεία Αντιανεμικά Μπουφάν , Αθλητικα Μπουφάν , Nike, adidas , Προσφορές & Εκπτώσεις Sport