Future technology comes to Cromwell Schools


A $300,000 grant from the Otago Community Trust will help Cromwell pupils engage in new digital technologies.

The grant was awarded to the Cromwell communities learning cluster, led by Cromwell Primary School and including Goldfields Primary School and Cromwell College.

Cromwell Primary School principal Wendy Brooks said the funds would go towards buying resources and equipment needed to implement the new digital technologies curriculum.

Robotics, tablets and equipment for making movies were some of the items that could be bought with these funds, she said.

“Anything to do with project-based, technology-based work for kids.”

This was “a great opportunity” to give pupils the technology they needed to “create high level engagement”.

Digital technologies had benefits for dyslexic learners and more disengaged learners, Mrs Brooks said.

Engaging with coding and digital technology helped develop mathematical thinking.

Pupils involved in “projects with real purpose and authentic learning” were more likely to stay at school, she said.

“Stuff that kids can really get their teeth into and engage with the curriculum and learning that is there, but just in different ways.”

Pupils were only able to interact in smaller groups because there was not enough equipment.

“This fantastic grant will enable us to make the access to the technology more equitable for all kids.”affiliate tracking urlシューズ