when Barb and Stu Cleveland opened their kitchen blinds on Monday morning last week, they were greeted with a very offensive message.

Directly across from their home in Dunstan Rd, graffiti covered the back of a garage, with ‘‘Wannabe Gangster’’ and offensive expletives sprayed in large black letters.

Neighbour Sharon Gilchrist said this was just the latest in a spate of graffiti along the road.

There was objectionable graffiti on at least seven locations in Dunstan Rd, from the walkway by the Dunstan High School hostel to the Industry Lane Eatery.

As well as the graffiti creating an unpalatable outlook for residents on the north side of Dunstan Rd, the location of the Otago Central Rail Trail on the south side of the road meant an increasing number of visitors would see it, Ms Gilchrist said.

The residents were beginning to get frustrated, as blue and green tagging had been there since before the Covid-19 lockdown in April.

Mr Cleveland said he spoke to the Central Otago District Council about the graffiti and was told his concern would be put on file.

He had been a councillor for Arrowtown when it was a borough and at that time he ran teams of young offenders to do graffiti clean-up as part of their community service requirements.

He suggested that could happen in Alexandra as well.

A council spokeswoman said graffiti was an issue for the property owner and police, and the council would only deal with graffiti on its property and assets.

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said the region had generally avoided the scourge of graffiti in the past, ‘‘but we do occasionally see bursts like this’’.

‘‘I totally agree with residents that this has created an offensive eyesore.’’

There would be people in the community who knew or had strong suspicions about who was doing this and he asked those people to talk to the police or call the anonymous Crimestoppers line, 0800 555-111.

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