The right food and wine match elevates a dining experience, unfortunately Covid-19 and the Clyde Wine and Food Festival is not that combination.

The popular festival has become the latest event to be cancelled in the wake of Omicron.

Festival convener Louise Joyce said organisers made the decision due to continued uncertainty surrounding traffic light levels and Covid-19.

“Everybody uses the words “disappointed”and “gutted” but I’m very frustrated,” she said.

“It’s about six weeks before the festival was scheduled, but we have to start spending money now and it just doesn’t look like we’re going to move to Orange any time soon.”

The annual Easter Sunday event attracted around 3000 people and the spread of Covid-19 in areas where many festival attendees came from was also a factor, she said.

“The health and safety of people attending is pretty important.”

as the committee were set to launch a new website and electronic ticketing, and was a blow for the wider region.

“We’re particularly disappointed for our Alexandra basin wine growers because they do rely very much on this [event] for exposure as well as income, so they will be feeling this quite heavy,” Ms Joyce said.

As a gesture of support, organisers would be promoting festival vendors on their website and facebook page to encourage people to support them, she said.

“It feels terribly disappointing .. and this is the way it is put our work towards preparing for next year.”