Otago Lakes Police are reminding people under the Alert Level 4 restrictions currently in place, unnecessary travel or recreational activity outside of your neighbourhood is not allowed.

Otago Lakes Central Areal Commander Paula Enoka said it was important people abided by the Alert Level 4 restrictions in place so everyone can stay safe and stop the spread of the virus.

“Any exercise should be local, and Police urge residents to avoid any activity which might lead to a rescue or emergency response, given the risk that poses to our emergency services and SAR volunteers,” Commander Enoka said.

“Should you fall foul to weather or injury and require help, you immediately put others in danger at the time when we need to stay home and avoid any non-essential travel.”

“Don’t be that person who sparks an emergency call out, when you shouldn’t be out in the first place,” she said.

With the recent snowfall on the mountains creating an appetising playground for some there is a real risk of avalanche, and Police were urging those who might want to go out, don’t.

“There are safe exercising options, which mean we can keep active while continuing to fight against the spread of COVID, and without posing further risks to our emergency staff and volunteers.”

Information on exercises and recreation allowed at Alert Level 4 can be found here: and here –