Dam assessment delayed


An assessment of seismic hazards facing Contact Energy’s Clyde Dam has been delayed by the Kaikoura Earthquake.

Dam safety manager Ken Roberts said it was hoped to have the study completed this year.

There were only a limited number of experts in New Zealand and the report had been delayed as those people worked on research into the Kaikoura earthquake, he said.

The seismic assessment would determine “whether anything needs to be done to the dam” to ensure it was safe in an earthquake, a civil engineer in dam safety, Peter Silvester, said.

The dam was built to withstand the strongest possible earthquake. Modern projections and modelling would help assess the seismic hazards the dam faced and help Contact to determine any work that might be required to ensure its safety. Contact would consider the stability of the dam and its ability to operate following an earthquake.

A comprehensive dam safety review completed in March last year was positive about the design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of the dam. The News received the report from the Otago Regional Council under the Official Information Act (OIA).

However, the report did find two dam safety deficiency issues and nine potential safety deficiencies. It found 11 non-conformance issues and 43 physical infrastructure issues.Sportswear free shippingNike