Cycle trails’ satisfaction ratings stellar


Visitors have high praise for the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Trails, Nga Haerenga The NZ Cycle Trail (NZCT) says.

General Manager Janet Purdey said surveys conducted over the past four years showed the trails were popular with older people and had high scenery and satisfaction ratings.

Survey results showed 10% of visitors to the Roxburgh Gorge trail and 8% of visitors to the Clutha Gold trail were 70 or older.

One visitor to Roxburgh Gorge said: “This is the most amazing trail we have done; from the incredible scenery to the excellent trail structure and signage, and all the historical features along the way.”

A visitor to the Clutha Gold trail said “Stunning scenery, well signposted great riding, fabulous stops along the way.”

Average nights people stayed in the area while travelling the Roxburgh Gorge trail was 3.48, which was “quite high” and indicated the trails had a “great economic impact”.

Average nights stayed for the Clutha Gold trail was 2.79.

Ms Purdey encouraged more visitors and locals to complete the online surveys as they provided “a lot of great data about the customer experience”.

Information gathered included the mix of local and international visitors, type of bike used, condition of the trail, age groups and economic impact.

“We find that it is predominantly 50-plus riding the trails, so that’s really interesting information for us because it also shows is there an opportunity with that younger age group.”

Both Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold were part of the New Zealand’s Great Rides – a network of 23 trails across the country that were “premier rides”.

“The trails are funded predominantly by government and also by local bodies, so it is good to have some information on the effect of the trails.”

The surveys could help show if there were gaps in accommodation or parts of the trail that needed work to make it more satisfying, Ms Purdey said.

To complete the surveys visit or




Roxburgh Gorge

High overall satisfaction – 9.4 out of 10.

60% of users visit because of the trail.

High scenery rating – 4.9 out of 5.

Age of riders:

40-49 years 20%

50 to 59 years 32%

60 to 69 years 21%

70 years or more 10%

Clutha Gold Trail

out of 10.

79% of users visit because of the trail.

High scenery rating – 4.8 out of 5.

Age of riders:

40 to 49 years 19%

50 to 59 years 34%

60 to 69 years 26%

70 years or more 8%Running sportsAutres