The Central Otago District Council will make a submission in support of Waka Kotahi
NZ Transport Agency’s proposal to close the Mutton Town Rd/State Highway 8 Clyde-Alexandra Road intersection near Clyde but requests a `left turn in’ option
be investigated.

Safety considerations, an anticipated increase in traffic and the challenge of upgrading a state highway intersection are the driving forces behind the transport agency’s proposition to close the intersection.

At a meeting earlier this month, councillors heard Waka Kotahi was seeking community feedback on closure of the intersection.

The council staff felt there could be merit for a `left turn in’ alternative approach to managing the intersection.

The option may address the safety concern, while still maintaining connectivity for residents and reducing pressure on alternative routes.

The ability to be able to provide the alternative `left in’ would need to be investigated by Waka Kotahi to ensure it could be provided safely.

CODC moved to submit to Waka Kotahi on the proposal on this basis.

The submission would support full closure if the outcome of the investigation of the `left turn in’ option revealed safety risks, and accepted that Waka Kotahi may not
consider this to be aviable option.

Public consultation to Waka Kotahi on the proposed closure will be open to 1 July.